Coilovers Pajero Mini/Jr/iO/Pinin/TR4

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Front coilover for Pajero Mini/Jr/iO/Pinin/TR.

Coilovers themselves do not give an suspension lift, their length is the same as the original shock. Coilovers have improved characteristics for large wheels 30+ inch, as well as they are more compact which makes the installation of larger wheels easier. Since the suspension is often damaged when driving off-road we made our coilovers for easy repair, choosing the characteristics of cartridges from mass-produced products. You can replace the damping mechanism in the coilover in home shop, thats do not need special knowledge and skills. 

Coilovers have spring compression adjustment and camber angle adjustment.

About options:

Bilstein B4 - it has characteristics similar to the original rack, it is an option with a good resource, low price.

Koni - they have improved characteristics that make driving on off-road and on public roads more comfortable. Full stroke 225mm is 55mm more than the original or Bilstein.

Plaza - structurally similar to the Bilstein B6/B8 series this is monotube upside down, stock 38mm. Plaza has excellent settings for off-road driving and is not very convenient for public roads. We recommend this option for off-road parks and Amateur competitions as they have a low resource of the order of about 20,000-30000km of mileage on public roads.  

Springs stiffness:
  • Standart - they are suitable for most cases and provide comfortable operation of the suspension for wheels of sizes 29-32 inches with the weight of additional equipment (winch, batteries, etc.) on the front of the car up to 40kg
  • Increased stiffness - for installation of wheels 33 inches or when installing additional equipment weighing 40-70kg on the front of the car
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